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Public Association Minsk Capital Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers sent a telegram to the Board of Russian Association of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs in connection with the death of Mr. Arkady Ivanovich Volsky the President of Russian Association of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (Employers), the largest public figure, friend and business partner of Belarusian industrials and entrepreneurs. The telegram expresses a deep condolence to the colleagues and also to relatives and nearers of the person whose fate was to leave a significant trace in the history of entrepreneurship development on the territory of CIS, Central and Eastern Europe.

CIS: World Bank Assesses Region's Business Climate

By Julie A. Corwin
Armenia is one of the simplest countries in the world in which to register property
WASHINGTON, September 6, 2006 (RFE/RL) - The World Bank today released its annual survey on ease of doing business.

The report evaluates 175 countries in 10 specific areas of business regulation, including the ease of registering a business, paying taxes, and trading across borders.

According to "Doing Business 2007," Armenia and Georgia - ranked 34th and 37th, respectively - scored better than EU countries such as Spain and Portugal.

Business offer from Oramus (Poland)

Polish Economic Chamber of Importers, Exporters and Cooperation offers to cooperate with Oramus which is a member of the Chamber.

Check ups in a new order

The resolutions of the Ministry of Taxes and Dues that regulate the issues of controlling activity are setting in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus N 419 30.06.2006 "On additional measures in regulating the taxes relations.
In particular, the following documents were set: Instructions on the order of organisation and holding of check ups by the taxation organs that was approved by the resolution of MTD of Belarus N 124 29.12.2003 and the regulations on implementation of fine sanctions that was approved by the resolution of State Taxes Committee of the Republic of Belarus N 50 31.05.2000. The correspondent resolutions of the Ministry of Taxes and Dues N 94 N 93 30.08.2006 were sent to a legal expertise to the Ministry of Justice and will come into effect on the day of its official publication.

Agenda - on the XVI Economic Forum in Krynica

The participants the XVI Economic Forum in the Pole town Krynica were introduced to the National Business Agenda of Belarus. While introducing the Agenda to entrepreneurs, owners and heads of business structures from different countries of the world, international journalists and other participants and guests of the East European Davos and telling in details about its essence and contents the President of the Association Mr. Vladimir Karyagin underlined that the authors of the document is Belarusian entrepreneurial community in general.

The World Bank and IFC report

Experts of the World Bank and International Finance Corporation presented their report "Doing Business 2007: How to conduct reforms". It shows the common rating of 175 states (which is 20 states more than in the last year) according to the simplicity of the conditions to do business. Belarus occupies the 129th position in the world rating in simplicity of doing business.

Information about your firm on BEL.BIZ portal

Dear colleagues, MCAEE members, if you wish to post information about your firm on BEL.BIZ portal in Business about itself please e-mail your answers to these questions to e-mail -. , Java-Script or invite a journalist to your firm. Please call 298-24-50, 38 Ms. Koval Lilia for meeting appointment.

The questions for an interview with the head of a firm for the section of BEL.BIZ portal Business about itself (Action Regions on BEL.BIZ portals)
1. Please describe the main directions of your business.
2. How did you decide to create your own business? Where have your been working (what position) before creation of your own business? Why did you choose the given sphere?
3. Did any one held you for the first time or you had to do everything yourself?
4. If you have to start from the beginning would you change your decision to do business?
5. What is your motto?
6. What are your criteria in recruiting? Is it difficult to become your staff member?
7. What is the main quality of a successive businessman?
8. What is your favorite business anecdote or a funny story from your practice?
9. What is your company is proud of?
10. What else would you like say about your company to the portals readers?
Please send a portrait photo of the head of the enterprise.

Invitation for Press Conference

Today, on August 31 a Press Conference will take place in the office of MCAEE.
1. Statement of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus 1029 11.08.06 Organizational Measures How to Reach the Forecast Parameters of Developnemt of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship in 2006-2010 - National Business Agenda of Belarus. The Points of Coincidence. MCAEE Chairman Mr. Vladimir Karyagin.

2. International Programs of PA MCAEE instrument for development of business of partnership enterprises, Economic Forum in Krynitsa traditions and innovations. Director of Entrepreneurship Supporting Centre Centre I century Ms. Galina Ilyashchuk.

3. On experience of participation of heads of partnership enterprises of PA MCAEE in Economic Forum in Krynitsa. CEO of International Public Association Economic Studies and Education Ms. Irina Matsokina.

Starting at 12.00 Address: 104-11 Serafimovich str. Minsk
Phone. 298-24-52, cell.159-40-47

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