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Advanced seminar
Advanced seminar with potential business leaders was held on July 30, 2012 in Brest region with participation of 22 persons. The main topic of the seminar – “Prospects of business environment improvement and entrepreneurship development in 2012”. Vladimir Karyagin, the leader of BCE and MUEE, presented a report on the economic situation in the country, business climate enhancement prospects, as well as the National Business Platform, mechanisms and process of its implementation, the role of business associations in advocacy activities. Aleksandr Ivachev, the head of the “Agroecotour” public association, and Nina Karpinchik, executive director of “Agroecotour”, shared their experience of working with business associations and told about their membership in the BCE.

Business club in Lida
Business club was held on June 29, 2012 in Lida (Grodno region) with 52 participants, including chairman of Lida district executive committee Alexander Ostrovski. General topic: Problems and prospects of private industrial business development in Belarus. The report on topic was made by chairman of BCE, the first vice-chairman of MUEE Viktor Margelov.
Entrepreneurship development council of Belarus

On June 12, 2012 was held a session of Entrepreneurship development council of Belarus with participation of 49 people, including deputy prime-minister of Belarus Sergei Rumas and minister of economy Nikolai Snopkov. Topic was: Business climate of Belarus: current state and direction of its improvement.

Training seminar in Lida

Training seminar was held in Lida (Grodno region) on May 30, 2012 with 31 people, including deputy chief of Trade and services department  of Lida district executive committee Irina Jiminskaia. Among participants were: 16 women, 11 IEs. Topic of seminar: “Actual issues and prospects of entrepreneurship development in 2012 in context of NBP realization”.

7th Belarusian international mediaforum

 May 28 – 30 in Minsk was held 7th Belarusian international mediaforum. On May 29 in conference hall of Belarusian national library took place a plenary session in which participated representatives of Presidential Administration, Council of Ministers, National Gathering, diplomatic corpus of Russia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Moldova, China, Cuba, Venezuela. Among participants also were scientists, journalists, representatives of public associations.


May 24, 2012 in the town hall was held VIII General Assembly of the report-back election of PA “Minsk Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers”. In accordance with the Charter, the Assembly - is the supreme body of association, which meets at least once every three years.

9th International research and practice conference

 Vladimir Karyagin participated on April 10, 2012 in 9th International research and practice conference “Entrepreneurship in Belarus: experience and prospects” that was organized by Institute of entrepreneurship. Among participants were representatives of Institute of economy at National academy of science and Institute of entrepreneurship, Ministry of Economy, Minsk city executive committee, scientists form Russia, Ukraine, Latvia. Vladimir Karyagin made report about history of Belarusian entrepreneurship, its modern state and prospects of development, advocacy, role of business – associations in entrepreneurship development and presented NBP-2012, process of its advancement.

Results of contest The best entrepreneur of the year in Minsk region

On April 6, 2012 took place the awarding ceremony of annual contest “The best entrepreneur of the year in Minsk region”. In his welcoming speech chairman of Minsk region executive committee Boris Batura marked that small and medium business makes essential input in development of economy of Minsk region. Contest “The best entrepreneur of the year in Minsk region” was started 15 years ago and number of participants increases every year. This year applications were given by over than 100 economic entities, 39 became winners and awardees in 16 nominations.

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