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The working group on advancement and implementation of NBP-2011 was found.

The working group on advancement and implementation of National Business Platform - 2011 ideas was found at Ministry of economy of Belarus. It was headed by Nikolai Snopkov, minister of economy of Belarus.

Draft of Decree on antimonopoly politics

Leaders of business associations, including Alexander Kalinin, Vladimir Karyagin, Alexander Sevrukevich (Belarusian science and industry association), Vadim Borodulia (MUEE) and Elena Gonakova (deputy director of Department of prices in Ministry of economy) participated in session of Ministry of economy, with 15 people. Under discussion was a draft of Decree on antimonopoly politics. Business told about demonopolization of health care and education, development of private medicine and private educational establishments, presented position of business community on mechanisms of economy liberalization and necessity of antimonopoly department foundation.

National business platform was presented at session of Council of Ministers Presidium

 Outstanding event for Belarus was a session of Council of Ministers Presidium on October 4 where were discussed measures on business climate perfection in context of NBP-2011 that was presented to government within the framework of campaign “From door – to door”. At session participated members of government, government bodies, representatives of National bank, CCI, heads of leading business associations. MUEE and BCE were presented by Vladimir Karyagin and Viktor Margelov. The reports were made by Nikolai Snopkov (Minister of economy) and Vladimir Karyagin. In his report Minister marked that government has to work with business – community on key directions of NBP-2011: 1) development of competition 2) creation of entrepreneurial ownership 3) decrease of bureaucratization and administrative procedures. NBP-2011 was supported by governors, speaker of parliament, chairman of Supreme court, Minister of finances.

Business forum of Eastern partnership in Sopot

On September 29 Chairman of MCAEE Vladimir Karyagin departed to business trip to Poland. The aim is participation in first business forum of Eastern Partnership that will take place in Sopot under auspices of President of Poland Bronislav Komarovski, Chairman of European council German Van Rompui and speaker of European parliament Eji Buzek. The event is organized by Polish confederation of private employers LEWIATAN, association BUSINESSEUROPE and authorities of Sopot. About 200 representatives of European countries and Eastern Partnership countries will visit the event.

Experts analyzed mechanisms of NBP-2011 realization

 On September 28 in office of MCAEE was held a session during which specialists of ministries analyzed mechanisms of National business platform – 2011 implementation. Representatives of business community discussed their offers to government. It was necessary for preparation to the session of Council of ministers of Belarus on offers of NBP-2011 that will take place on October 4 under support of Prime minister of Belarus. In session participated representatives of business associations, National bank, Ministry of taxation, Ministry on economy, State control committee, Ministry of finance.  After Council of ministers of Belarus will be held briefing in MCAEE office on October 4, 2011 at 14.00.

Regional exchange of subcontracting in Moscow

On September 21 director of Regional center of industrial cooperation (subcontracting) Eduard Polutorov participated in work of Regional exchange of subcontracting that took place in Moscow. The target was advancement and development of cooperation among small, medium and big industrial enterprises of Moscow, regions of Russia and foreign countries.

Session of working group in Ministry of trade of Belarus

On September 15 the first Vice – chairman of MCAEE Viktor Margelov participated in session of working group in Ministry of trade of Belarus where was analyzed draft of law “On state registration of trade and public catering enterprises”. Session was held under the chairmanship of Minister of trade Irina Narkevich.

XXI Economic forum in Krynitsa Zdrui have finished

 On September 10 MCAEE delegation arrived from Krynitsa – Zdrui where during September 7 – 9 took place XXI Economic forum. This forum was held under motto “European dilemmas: partnership or competition?” As usually Forum, that was organized in 1991 by Institute of East – European researches (Warsaw), became an outstanding event in Central Europe.

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