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Session of Public consultation council at Minsk city executive committee

On August 3 chairman of PA Minsk capital association of entrepreneurs and employers Vladimir Karyagin and the first vice-chairman of PA  Minsk capital association of entrepreneurs and employers Viktor Margelov took part at session of Public consultation council at Minsk city executive committee. Under discussion were issues of increase of off-budget financing of healthcare, foundation of industrial zone, support of economic objects in sphere of export-oriented (import-replacing) industry.

The idea of credit unions self regulation was confirmed at roundtable session.

On July 18 chairman of MCAEE Vladimir Karyagin participated in roundtable on topic “Credit cooperatives – state of self regulation? Advantages, risks, international practice” and “Partnership – condition for successful work and development”. Vladimir Karyagin supported idea of self regulation of credit unions and underlined necessity for its development. Organizer of event: member of Belarusian confederation of entrepreneurship – Republican association of financial mutual aid.

Triangular business dialog in Moscow

On July 12, 2011 in Moscow was opened Conference of Belarusian, Kazakhstan and Russia  business unions with participation of prime – ministers  on topic: “From Customs union to Common customs space: interests of business”. During the Conference were discussed issues, connected with investment climate of Common customs space, harmonization of transport and logistics activity in CU and CCS, formation of Common informational space based on modern informational technologies. Vladimir Karyagin was in charge of MCAEE, PA delegation.

Subcontracting and UNIDO project

On July 11 chairman of MUEE Vladimir Karyagin carried on negotiations on issues of industrial subcontracting development  in Belarus within the framework of UNIDO project.

The world discussed future forms of cooperation in Sigtuna, Sweden

Top politicians, CEOs, and representatives from international organizations together with entrepreneurs and scientists took part in Tällberg Forum. The theme for this year’s Forum is “How can we agree to agree”, looks at new forms of cooperation which are necessary to meet global problems. The Forum’s focus was on how we can find better solutions globally, nationally and locally for financial growth and the environment. These questions was discussed by 415 participants from 55 countries at the Forum’s 41 workshops and 7 plenary sessions.

Meeting in MCAEE office with delegation from Israel

On June 21 in office of MCAEE was held a business meeting with delegation from Israel during which were discussed possibilities of cooperation between entrepreneurs of two countries. In negotiations participated advisor of Minister of tourism of Israel Mihail Dulman and project manager Etan Zafrir. MCAEE was presented by financial director Anatoli Goldberg, deputy director of Beldhardgroup, Co. Vladimir Shulik, co-founder of Zapagromash, Co. Alexander Mazoliak, director of Belreas, Co. Mihail Gohman.

Latvia Scandinavia business forum

On June 19 heads of partner enterprises of MCAEE departed to business trip during which they will participate in international seminars on topic: “Optimization of external-economic relations of Belarusian enterprises: Latvia – Scandinavia business forum ”. Participants will visit Latvia and Scandinavian countries. Organizers of event – ALE Republican confederation of entrepreneurship, Representation of RCE in Latvia, Minsk capital association of entrepreneurs and employers, company “Latinservis”, CES “XXI century”.

Business trip to Sweden

On June 19 Belarusian delegation of MCAEE, RCE and business union named after prof. Kuniavski representatives departed to business trip to Sweden. During the meeting will take place meetings with Swedish entrepreneurs, visits to offices of Sweden confederation of entrepreneurship, Sweden trade federation, Sweden federation of business holders, Sweden state departments responsible for cooperation with business. Organizer of event – Sweden international industrial council (NIR).

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