Consume Cooperative "Capital Club of Mutual Assistance" invites

Consumer Cooperative “Capital Club of Mutual Assistance” invites!

An open general meeting of consumer cooperative took place in the Concert hall «Minsk”. Popularity of CC “Capital Club of Mutual Assistance” is rapidly growing. As the Chairman of the Board Mr. Igor Mikul`chik said on the opening “now the cooperative joints some people more than it was in the morning”.

Growth of demand on services of the consumer cooperative is explained by the fact that the cooperative offers no less and in some cases more profitable conditions rather than in banks. More detailed information is available on the phone + 37517226-34-46.

- Report of the Board of the Consumer Cooperative on its activity for the reported period;
- Report of the Loan Committee on the loans granted;
- Report of the Revision Commission on the checking of the activity of the Executive Board of the Consumer Cooperative “Capital Club of Mutual Assistance”;
- Changes of the interest rates for using the credits;
- Comparative analysis of the interest rates for banking credits.

After having analysed all the issues the meeting participants held a drawing of a lottery – a loan with a low interest rate.

On September, 10 2004 Minsk City Executive Committee registered the Consumer Cooperative “Capital Club of Mutual Assistance. The cooperative members are citizens of Belarus, persons without citizenship and foreign citizens after 18.

The aim of the CC “Capitla Club of Mutual Assistance” – accumulation of free money and rendering finance assistance to those participants of the Cooperative who need them. Among financial support, a member of the CC “Capital Club of Mutual Assistance” gets corporate assistance of his/her colleagues, consulting support, widens the circle of acquaintance and friends.

In order to became a member of the credit association it is necessary to submit an application, present your ID and to pay an entrance and share fee, Br.10 000 and 40 000 agreeably. In the case of leaving the credit association the share fee is paid back.

A money loan is granted to the cooperative members who paid the share fee, with a bail-piece or with a deposit equal to the sum of the loan.

Agreements of a deposit, a loan and a bail-piece are registered officially while accepting money from the cooperative members and also while granting loans.

Documents necessary for getting a loan:
1.     Passport.
2.     a reference about the salary for the last three months. For entrepreneurs – a quarterly report for the taxation inspection.

Managing Board of CC “Capital Club of Mutual Assistance”:
-Common meeting of the participants;
-the Board of the Cooperative (elected from the members);
-the Loan Committee (elected);
-Revision Commission (elected from the members);
-Directory (appointed).

The Common meeting reviews and affirms all the main issues of the cooperative activity, including interest rates for loans. Every member of the cooperative has equal voice, it does not depend on the amount of money paid – the principle “one member – one voice”.

INTEREST RATES, CC “CAPITAL CLUB OF MUTUAL ASSISTANCE”, the Common meeting of the members – 6 Protocol  04.05.2005

Interest rates while obtaining loans

Kind of loan Annual interest rate
Income declaration is necessary 18
There are no any taxation obligation 16

Monthly payment of interest
Loan                              16%            18%
1000 000                     13 333        15 000
2 000 000                    26 667        30 000
3 000 000                    40 000        45 000
4 000 000                    53 333        60 000
5 000 000                    66 667        75 000
6 000 000                    80 000        90 000
7 000 000                    93 333       105 000
8 000 000                    106 667     120 000
9 000 000                    120 000     135 000
10 000 000                  133 333     150 000

 Interest rates while granting loans to the members of the cooperative
3 % from the total sum 65 % annual interest rate from the loan

Loan         Сумма %
        3 months
1 000 000         109 224
     6 months
1 000 000         190 845
        1 year
1 000 000         353 345

Repaymeny of a loan could be implemented before the term. The interests are calculated for real term of usage of the loan. A borrower does not pay any additional costs (service fee, commission and other payments).

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