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Week-end School

Week-end School

Representatives of MCAEE took part in Week-end School by Mizes Scientific and Research Centre of AC “Strategy”. Those who attended the School at least once remain deeply impressed if not for ever but for a long time.

Bright narrative style, aphorism and paradox manner of utterances, wide thoughts – such is creative handwriting of the speakers, including well-known Belarusian economists Mr. Leonid Zaiko and Mr. Yaroslav. There are topics: “the price of the Soviet comeback”, “Deficit of brains  and knowledge as the institutional reason of structural distortion of the Belarusian economy” (Mr. Yaroslav Romanchuk); “Economic profile of a Belarusian family. In what manner do we differ from the others?” (Ms. Tatyana Lisovskaky); “Valuable schizophrenia and the view of the Belarusian people on themselves, market and reforms” (Ms. Elena Rakova); “Innovation and human capital in Belarus as our reply to liquidation of Russian grant” (Mr. Leonid Zaiko), “Belarusian entrepreneurship: a peep that is becoming a voice or a peep that is becoming a whisper?” (Mr. Ivan Sadovsky). Between the lections the listeners demonstrated their brain skills in intellectual auctions on common economic topics, receiving unique literature by Mizes Centre, www.liberty-belarus.info 

The participants got a possibility to know about workdays and holidays of a Belarusian entrepreneur from the source: the well-known Belarusian businessman, the head of “Network Systems” enterprise Mr. Alexey Kolb answered the questions, www.nsys.by