Mr. Dmitry Kul`bitsky – the candidate to deputies of Minsk City Council of Deputies

swscan00009 Mr. Dmitry Kul`bitsky – the candidate to deputies of Minsk City Council of  DeputiesThe campaign of elections of deputies of councils of deputies continues. The inhibitors of Chkalovsky election district # 15 proposed the head of the partnership enterprise of MCAEE, the director of “Spetssistemavtomatica” Mr. Dmitry Kul`bitsky. We wish Dmitry success in development of business, success in private life and also we wish him as being elected in Minsk City Council of Deputies – to implement his promises given to his electors.



Acknowledging the significance of the moderate but important role of a deputy of Minsk City Council of Deputies, I before my electors promise to be active, principle representative and implementer of their interests.


1. I think it is very important to support further development of Minsk City as a contemporary megapolis, to assist in development of its housing and communal services, transport infrastructure, contemporary and acceptable medicine services, up-dating of education system.


2. Minsk City and its microdistrics, every residential area should be maintained in perfect sanitary condition with proper security for its residents. The money of the city budget should be sent to that.


3. It is necessary to increase the money of the city treasury (budget). For this aim it is necessary to render maximum assistance in development of entrepreneurship and support those industrial enterprises and organizations that not only make profit to the budget but also produce contemporary goods and services. Members and heads of partnership enterprises of Minsk Capital Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers in which I am the head of Charity Committee will render me all possible support and assistance in it. Other public associations a member of which I am will also render active assistance to me.


4. Being the head of the enterprise that was established by Public Association “Belarusian Society of Invalids” and that employs invalids, I am sure that it is necessary to implement programs of social rehabilitation more actively and I am ready to apply maximum of my efforts.


5. Minsk City should be not only convenient for inhabitation, work and rest but also interesting for tourists from all over the world because Minsk is one of the world capitals.


6. The city should be comfort for not only aged people, veterans but also young ones who are just beginning their labour activity.


7. I think it is extremely important to hold regular meetings with inhabitants of Chkalovsky election district, including houses in Mogilyovskaya str., Zhukovskogo str., Aerodromnaya str., Chkalova str., Avakyana str., part of Voronyanskogo str. And other streets of the district and also to inform the electors about the issues for discussion and the ways of their settlement.


I will be able to communicate with my electors not only on pages of the special information bulletin but also by computer information networks located on the territory of the election district and also by posting information on the special web page.

I am a contemporary businessman who has been living in Minsk all my life, who went from a worker, solder to the director of the enterprise that employs invalids. I am married. I have two daughters. I will treat my position as a deputy as the most important part of my business biography.

As an inhabitant of Minsk City I want to bring maximum benefit for the city and its inhabitants. I am to apply all my power and possibilities to implement this task.