Business club in Priluki

Business club was held by MUEE on April 29, 2011 in Priluki (Minsk region) with participation of 51 people, including vice-chairman of Minsk district executive committee Sergei Shablyko. In session participated representatives of Minsk and 7 cities of Minsk region: Molodechno, Dzerjinsk, Smolevichi, Stolbtsy, Vileika, Soligorsk, Kopyl, and also from 2 farms (“Tabola”, “Stankevichi”) of Minsk district. The general topic of discussion was results of 100 days term after admittance of Decree #4.


Participants underlined efforts of some officials to decline offers of Decree #4, directed to economy liberalization, their efforts to live everything as usual. Participants told that business still can not work in conditions of fair competitiveness, have equal access to raw materials and finances, and participate in property privatization. They expressed concernment in accordance with foreign currency situation in Belarus. Participants discussed issues of entrepreneurs’ participation in regeneration of cultural heritage of Belarus, especially of Fon Gutten Chapski gender.