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12th National Phone Conference

The 12th National Phone Conference was held the second time in this year. Representatives of business associations from Minsk, Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno,  Mogilev and also leaders of entrepreneurship support centres from bobruysk and Vitebsk. The participants analysed the results of the professional competition “the Brand of the Year”. They congratulated each other with the fact that the prise in the nomination “the socially Responsible Brand” was awarded to the National Business Agenda. The National Business Agenda got the diploma and the Golden Medal. As the speakers noted, this award is the worthy evaluation of the activity of Belarusian business community to improve business climate of the republic.

At the same time the participants of the conference underlined that one of the main goals has been planned during the last National Phone Conference is done: business associations – partners of creation of the National Confederation for Entrepreneurship sent a letter offering to hold the Third Parliamentary Hearings “the Development of Entrepreneurship in Belarus” to the Parliament. Since MCAEE held a press conference the participants of which were informed about this initiative, Belarusian media have widely highlighted this piece of news on the pages of their newspapers, journals, radio and TV programs.
The heads of entrepreneurial associations informed about the results of their work in January 2007 and about the plans on the current month. In every business associations such business meetings are held on a regularly basis. During these meetings the questions  related to the current and future work in creating the National Phone Conference. PA “Brest Region Entrepreneurs Association” held the Council meeting where, in particular the active work of Businesswomen Club and the last-year-opened the Agrotourism Development Council was outlined. Pa “Association of Employers and Entrepreneurs (Vitebsk Region) prepares a meeting of the Club of Businesswomen where a complex of measures to assist for individual entrepreneurs will be developed. A meeting of the Press-Club devoted to the National Business Agenda of Belarus will be held soon, a workshop on education for goods and services promotion technologies will take place. The persons interested in it can call (0212) 23-50-39. Vitebsk Entrepreneurship Support Centre will hold the Exhibition-workshop on the issues of energy saving on February, 9 2007 which will be attended by almost 60 enterprises from all regions of the republic and foreign representatives, in particular, from Russia and China. Association of Private Business Assistance (Gomel) held a sitting of the Board. They continue their activity within advocacy. Grodno PA “Club of Entrepreneurs” held a celebration ceremony during which the best entrepreneurs were awarded in 15 nominations. They prepare a workshop devoted to the issues of doing business, including agroecotourism. Public Association of Mogilev Region Entrepreneurs is implementing an intensive activity in creation and development of the discount network.
The First Vice-President of MCAEE Mr. Victor Margelov told that the II International Conference where, in particular, the issues of development of Belarusian trade will be widely discussed, is planned on April, 25-26 2007. The entrepreneurs who have specific proposals in this issue have enough time to apply to the Organisational Committee of the Conference and to prepare their speeches.