Capital Business Director’s Club

On the 15 of June the meeting of Capital Business Director’s Club devoted to the Day of the revival of entrepreneruship took place. The  meeting was held at the restaurant of cultural entertaining complex “Dankov-club”. After congratulation on the festive day, chairman of PA MCABE Vladimir Nikolaevich Karyagin analyzed the stages of development of Belarussian business undertakings, recollected the history of the origin of the holiday, in honour of which the directors of the capital had met, and informed everybody with the results of the subcontractation which had been finished an hour before the meeting.

Then the honorary guest of the Club chairman of National Partnership of Subcontractation Development, general director of interregional centre of industrial subcontractation and partnership(Moscow) Artem Nikolaevich Kiselev turned to the assembled with his welcoming speech. Another honorary guest of the Club chief of the assosiation “Italy-Belarus” that was established not long ago, Claudio Catagno in his welcoming speech wished to develop belarussian-italian relations not only in business, but also in culture, as it can add to the rapprochement of our nations. Chief of creating Zhlobin Assosiation of  Businessmen initiative group Serghey Gheorghievich Skvorchevskiy turning to his colleagues urged them to do everything for making Belarussian business strong, powerful and authoritative, underlining that at the moment businessmen have the basis for developing national business climate activity, and this basis is the “National platform of Belarussian Business” project. The director of CSBT”SATIO” Zhanna Vladimirovna Griniuk stated that business social responsibility is one of the stability guarantees of business itself. But she also noticed that unfortunately not all the businesmen understand this fact.