The world discussed future forms of cooperation in Sigtuna, Sweden

Top politicians, CEOs, and representatives from international organizations together with entrepreneurs and scientists took part in Tällberg Forum. The theme for this year’s Forum is “How can we agree to agree”, looks at new forms of cooperation which are necessary to meet global problems. The Forum’s focus was on how we can find better solutions globally, nationally and locally for financial growth and the environment. These questions was discussed by 415 participants from 55 countries at the Forum’s 41 workshops and 7 plenary sessions.


Over the past seven years Tällberg Foundation has arranged international forums for conversations and exchange of knowledge and experience, but this is the first time the meeting is held outside Dalarna.  The Forum offers a unique opportunity for participants to better understand what is happening in the world and discuss the consequences of globalisation.  During the Forum current questions will be discussed, such as the future of the Arctic, democratic development in the Middle East and the shortcomings of organizations such as the UN and the EU.


There is actually a link between the issues of the Swedish municipal housing restoration and the decisions over natural resources in the Arctic or protection of the rain forests in the Amazon: they are all examples of challenges which our institutions are presently unable to meet.  These shortcomings and the need for new forms of cooperation and new partnerships are the main questions for this year’s Forum”, comments Alexander Crawford, Project Manager for Tällberg Forum.


Well known participants included Achim Steiner, chief for UN’s Climate Programme UNEP, Maria Fernanda Espinosa, Minister from Ecuador, Birgitta Ohlsson, Swedish EU Minister, Peter Norman, Swedish Minister for Financial Markets, Oded Grajew, founder of the World Social Forum, and Yvo de Boer who led the climate negotiations in Copenhagen.


About Tällberg Foundation
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