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Belarusian Business Applies to Europe

Representatives of business community of Belarus ask in their appeal to official and public organs and associations of the EU-states www.neg.by

As the authors say, consolidation of efforts of all European states, solution of crucial issues via negotiations, compromises and on the ground of mutual trust would be more fit to interests of “preservation of stability, ensuring of economic and social security, solidarity of the European people in solution of problems on the European continent”.
“Belarusian business circles consider it important to draw attention of the management of the EU and official power of the EU-states on a range of problems that extremely complicate development of cooperation” – write Belarusian industrials and entrepreneurs. 
Representatives of Belarusian business are worried by perspective of exclusion of our country from the Common system of privileges that will lead to increase of the customs fee while exporting goods to the EU. “This decision to come into force in July 2007 will lead to notable decrease of export and trade, will damage not only Belarusian business but also its European partners” – the apply says. Besides, it “will damage the whole trade and economic cooperation with the EU, the perception of the policy and the image of the EU by the Belarusian people”.
The appeal to be sent to dipmissions of the EU-states in the nearest future was signed by the heads of the leading entrepreneurial associations of the country: Georgy Badey (M.C. Kunyavsky BAEE), Anatoly Harlap (National Association of Industrial Enterprises BelAPP), Vladimir Karyagin (Minsk Capital Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers) and Nikolay Borovoy (Association of International Auto Carriers “BAMAP”).
Representatives of Belarusian business consider “the task of liquidation of obstacles for effective interaction of European states and their economies” as the most crucial, the appeal says. They underline that they “are ready to continue our mutual activity with European partners to make investment climate better”.