Presentation of Book by Jaroslav Romanchuk

100_6273 Presentation of Book by Jaroslav Romanchuk


 “Liberalism. Ideology of a Happy Person” – this is the title of a book presented on May, 18 in Minsk in the cosy and style café “Valeria”. The author is the well-known Belarusian economist, head of Scientific and Research Misez Center Jaroslav Romanchuk. The book will be interesting for all who appreciates a bright emotional and intellectual narration and a non-standard train of thought. Jaroslav Romanchuk is a talented scientist but his book is far away from being academic. It captures the reader`s attention even not with the first line but with the first words.  It is a discovery for those who is interested in economy issues, private growth and also for those who wants to study the knowledge of achieving success. Unfortunately, the circulation of the book is one thousand copies. That`s why we congratulate whose who was licky to obtain the book.