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The economy of Belarus has taken 1st place in the world

The economy of Belarus has taken 1st place in the world (from 178 countries) by quantity of paid taxes and tax collections (124 various tax payments). Such information was given by the World Bank and the International financial corporation. According to the last year's report the indisputable leader by quantity of tax payments was Uzbekistan with result of 130 payments this year Uzbekistan has moved on 2nd place reducing 12 payments.
3rd place was kept by Ukraine which increased quantity of tax payments from 98 to 99. China has reduced tax system from 44 to 33 tax payments, Russia - from 23 to 22 (!) payments, in Venezuela - 70 tax payments. On size of tax burden Belarus has kept “leadership” among the CIS countries and 6 place in the world in spite of the fact that the quantity of the countries in a rating has increased from 175 to 178. If the Belarus company pays all demanded taxes today their size will make 144.4% from its profit at the same time there is certain progress in comparison with 186.1% in the last year's report. 144.4% in Belarus against 51.4% to Russia and 57.3% in Ukraine.
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