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Why Belarus has got the most bad tax system in the world


«If you think, that the head of the state Alexander Lukashenko defines a tax policy of Belarus you are mistaken. There are people and structures which carry out their own game. They regularly and publicly ignore instructions and orders of the first president. They became a powerful fiscal nomenclature-expert clan which does not let Belarus go from the past. At the head of this dangerous fiscal syndicate is the Minister of Finance Nikolay Korbut and the minister of taxes and tax collections Anna Dejko. Structures of the government headed by them once again have dishonored reputation of our country. According to the fifth report of the World Bank and IFC «Business dealing 2008» our country has successively kept second year the most bad tax system in the world. This year from 178 countries we have taken the last place.»

Full text of the article by Yaroslav Romanchuka read in a heading « Наши авторы».