Next session of ITC

Session of ITCThe next session of International trading club (ITC) on the theme: «Features of development of High Technologies Park (HTP) in the Republic of traide2 Next session of ITCBelarus» has taken place on January, 16th at 15.00 in the administration of the high technologies Park on avenue Niezavisimosty, 169. Features and advantages of HTP in Minsk in comparison with other world analogues; problems and difficulties of HTP development at the present stage, the mechanism of registration and functioning of the foreign companies in HTP were discussed at session. Residents of the Park have given their presentations at the meeting. Representatives of Embassies of Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Germany, Kazakhstan, China, Cuba, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Serbia, Syria, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Czechia, Japan and Moldova were on the session. Re-election of members of the board of International Trading Club has taken place as well.