On the 13th of January took place 1 (35) republic-wide phone-conference where took part specialists and leaders of business associations, members of Republican confederation of entrepreneurship. Having analyzed crying measures for avoiding world finance crisis for small and medium-sized business of RB, participants of the conference prepared letters in Government. There will be pointed foreground problems and ways for their solving. Among these questions: necessity to do payments for entrepreneurs and legal bodies in BUR rather than in foreign currency, difficulties, connected with necessity of coordination in the process of pricing, necessity of adjustment of lease rent system for enterprises of public service and small producers.

    During the conference it was analyzed steps of NBP-2009 preparation. It was pointed the date (18.02.2009) of carrying out of Conference devoted NPB acceptance. 

    There were discussed negative aftereffects, which can be called by present situation in the sphere of lease rent and other payments by entrepreneurs and legal bodies, counted in foreign currency.

    Situation about the perspective of Credit Unions development in RBО was covered by the Chief Board of Society of mutual crediting «Stolniy» Ivan Gordievskiy.

    Information about the current activities of PA «Entrepreneurs Club» was covered by Chairman of this Association Frants Mamul. Head of PA MCAEE Legal department covered the situation concerning preparation of law projects in 2009.