Business club in Lida

Business club was held on June 29, 2012 in Lida (Grodno region) with 52 participants, including chairman of Lida district executive committee Alexander Ostrovski. General topic: Problems and prospects of private industrial business development in Belarus. The report on topic was made by chairman of BCE, the first vice-chairman of MUEE Viktor Margelov.
He analyzed the problems and presented offers of NBP-2012 on development and support of industrial entrepreneurship. In report of Alexander Ostrovski was presented industrial potential of Lida district and pointed readiness of local authorities to dialogue with private industrial business. Head of Lida business center and incubator of entrepreneurship “Apsel” Leonid Mastugin told about role of business – associations, including those from Lida district, in support of industrial business. During discussion participants underlined problems of private industrial business in taxation, access to financial resources, rent relations, competitiveness in conditions of common economic space. They positively evaluated offers of NBP-2012 and vote for activation of its advancement, including local level.