The Republican business community assembly resolution

Following the results of the republican business community assembly that was held on March 4 in Minsk the resolution was accepted. You can read the text bellow. You can see the assembly presidium on photo (left to right): V. Margelov, the chairman of “Republican entrepreneurship confederation” , V. Golovanov, minister of Justice of Republic Belarus, G. Vasilevich, the general public prosecutor of Belarus Republic, V. Koreshkov, the chairman of standardization committee, V. Karyagin, the chairman of “Minsk capital association of entrepreneurs and employers”, V. Zinovsky, the chairman of entrepreneurship counsil of Belarus Republic, the chairman of National statistical committee of Belarus, S. Semashko, the chairman of the Constant commission on the industry, fuel and energy complex, transport, communication and business of the House of Representatives of National Meeting of Belarus, N. Strelzov, the chairman of scientifically-industrial association of Belarus, G. Badei, The chairman of prof. Kunjavsky Business union of businessmen and employers, A. Tur, the deputy minister of economy of Belarus, A. Lihachevsky, director of entrepreneurship Department of Ministry of Economy of Belarus.