National academy of sciences of Belarus scientifically-practical seminar

On March, 11th in Minsk the scientifically-practical seminar «Economic mechanism perfection in Belarus», organised at the initiative of Institute of economy of National academy of sciences of Belarus has taken place. In the report the first vice-chairman PA «MCAEE», chairman ULB RCE Victor Margelov has informed participants of a seminar on results of Republican assembly of business circles, and also about measures on improvement of the business climate, stated in project BNBP-2009. The head of legal department of the Union Vadim Borodulja and the head of the partner enterprise "Braginez and partners" Vitaly Braginets have taken part In a seminar. Special release of the newspaper «Anti-recessionary management» in which project НПББ-2009 is published is handed over participants of a seminar.