The investment climate requires improvement

On March, 11th in Minsk the seminar «Improvement of conditions for attraction of foreign investments», organised by Working group of the PA of OSCE across Belarus together with delegation of National meeting of Belarus in OSCE has taken place at support of fund of name Fridrich Ebert. Addressing with words of a greeting to participants, the chairman of the PA of OSCE Zhoau Soaresha, the chairman of Working group of the PA of OSCE across Belarus Uta of Zapf, the Head of the Belarus delegation in the PA of OSCE Valery Ivanov have noted importance of a meeting for development of an investment climate and for improvement of investment image of Belarus.

    Addressing to participants of a seminar, chairman of PA «MCAEE» Vladimir Karjagin has underlined, that officials in the activity do not need to substitute businessmen. Replacement and substitution of functions of businessmen is a way to corruption.

 To raise own efficiency, it is necessary for heads and experts of the ministries and departments to concentrate the actions in following directions:

- Creation of the normal legislation which would allow to liberate the creative initiative and business potential of businessmen;

- Discussion with representatives of business and a civil society of national projects;

- Maintenance of financial, administrative and information support of business projects.

   The Minsk capital union of businessmen actively co-operates more than 10 years with the European confederation of associations of the small and medium enterprises ( Bruxelles), - Vladimir Karyagin said, - therefore the information on foreign investment projects and plans comes to us from primary sources. Not to deceive hopes of the Norwegian, German, Polish, French, Portuguese investors, and also potential investors from other countries, it is necessary to generate a normal investment field.

    In the performance the head of capital business association has reminded that for some years business community successively  leaves with the offer on carrying out of annual open parliamentary hearings on business development in Belarus.

   Vladimir Karjagin has informed participants of a seminar on results of Republican assembly of business circles, having underlined, that realisation of positions of the Belarusian national business platform will positively affect a condition of an investment climate of republic and will allow to generate its attractive investment image.