The 5th Belarusian conference on subcontracting

On the 7th of April in Minsk was held the Vth Belarusian conference on industrial subcontracting / industrial cooperation. The conference passed in frameworks of the 9th international specialized exhibition of the equipment, devices and tools for a metal-working industry "metal working-2009".

Organizers of conference – PA “Minsk Capital Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers”, Local fund of entrepreneurial mutual aid and solidarity, “National partnership of subcontracting development” (Moscow),  Interregional  Center of industrial subcontracting and partnership (Moscow), Regional Center of industrial subcontracting of Belarus Republic.


In exhibition participated heads and founders of the industrial enterprises of all patterns of ownership, representatives of the ministries and departments, industrial associations, scientific research institutes and chairs.


The main target of conference: supply practical help to enterprises that are intended:

- Join subcontracting relations,

- Place on their capacities orders,

- Participate in realization of joint Russian and Belarusian program of partnership on subcontracting,

Place data about production potentialities of their enterprise in informational system on subcontracting.