Training seminar in Osipovichi

Training seminar was held in Osipovichi (Mogilev region) on August 17, 2012 with participation of 31 people, including the first vice-chairman of Osipovichi district city executive committee Vasili Petrovski. Topic: Actual problems and prospects of entrepreneurship development in Belarus in 2012. Vladimir Karyagin in his report told about economic situation in Belarus, dialogue between business and authority for perfection of business climate, role of business associations in advocacy, presented NBP-2012. Vasili Petrovski in his report told about readiness to develop dialogue between business and authority. Participants marked problems of rent relations development, access of business to financial and informational resources, simplification of taxation and administrative procedures.  They positively evaluated NBP and underlined importance of mechanisms of its ideas advancement explanation, especially at local level, and holding of such seminars in future.