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Presentation of Belarus youth politics Concept

On the 21th of April in Minsk was held presentation of the first in Belarus youth politics Concept, that was prepared by the initiative of RC of Mizes and Club of young experts of AC “Strategy”. The meeting was planned as a press-conference. That is the reason why the representatives of the biggest information agencies of Belarus, number of newspapers and television channels participated there. However the first reports of Concept authors showed, that this event is out of frameworks of casual press-conference. That is why the meeting gradually transformed in the Round table participants of which held interesting active discussion on a pointed topic.


    This meeting can be called one of the most important events in Belarusian life without exaggeration. Firstly in our country’s history young people themselves showed their view of youth place in Belarusian society and economy, their view of our country’s future.

    Young experts presented their estimation of seven most important for young people spheres:

- Education,

- Student's self-management,

- Trade market,

- Entrepreneurship,

- Habitation,

- Young family,

- Army.


    Representatives of young experts Club and RC of Mizes AC “Strategy” do not only talk about problems. They do real suggestions to the government. On the basis of present problems analysis, after international knowledge study, they designate the things that Belarusian youth need in Belarus to


- Get good quality education of international level,

- Develop high-grade student’s self-management,

- Avoid unemployment and prevent  brain and employee drain,

- Develop youth entrepreneurship instead of dependence,

- Form young family in private flat and born more children,

- Choose voluntary Army as a profession

    Proposals of Research centre of Mizes and Club of young experts of AC “Strategy” are original, innovational and aimed to liberation of Belarusian youngsters potential for overcoming of system crisis with the minimum costs.

    The presentation has been prepared and held by the representatives of talented, creative, patriotic youth who are ready to share responsibility of Belarus future and together with the authorities and public society reform our country.

    New faces. Fresh ideas. Innovation approaches. All this saw and heard participants of youth politics Concept presentation.

The meeting materials will be placed in one of the next numbers of newspaper “Association of entrepreneurs”.

Research Centre of Mizes


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