Republic-wide phone conference

On the 5th of May took place republic-wide phone conference with participation of the heads and specialists of leading business-associations who included in association of legal entities “Republican confederation of entrepreneurship”. Chairman of PA “MCAEE”, Chairman of ALE “RCE” V. Karyagin informed participants of session about process and results of the second session of Socially-advisory council at President Administration.
Then the problems of business climate were discussed. Absence of payments from state enterprises to individual enterprises was marked as the main problem. In accordance with this the participants of session planned to prepare and direct letters to the local authorities, that are responsible for that question. The vice-chairman of Association L. Koval told about preparing to the seventh General assembly of PA “MCAEE”, that will be held on the 21st of May. Financial director of PA “MCAEE”, Chairman of bookkeeper’s Club A. Goldberg informed the participants of the session of expert activity of business-association on perfection of accounting and system of the accounting reporting. Besides, F. Goldberg advised the participants of the session on pressing questions, connected with accounting.