The VII th General assembly of PA “MCAEE”

assambleya The VII th General assembly of PA “MCAEE”On the 21st of May, 2009 was held the VII th General assembly of PA “Minsk capital association of entrepreneurs and employers”. During the assembly was heard the report about work of capital business-association for the period from May 2006 till May 2009. The work of Association was unanimously recognized as satisfactory. Discussed results and tendencies of PA “MCAEE” development, and also entrepreneurship in Belarus Republic at all. 55 members of Association, who hold active social-economic position and make serious contribution in development of capital business-association and Belarusian entrepreneurship in general, elected in Council structure. In assembly participated representatives of state governing bodies, international organizations, embassies, banks, leading associations of industrials and entrepreneurs. The work of assembly was described by 17 mass media. Today we offer you the material, that was prepared by the information partner of Association–


With the report about results of PA “MCAEE” work for the period of 2006-2009 and prospects of Association activity till 2012 acted Vladimir Karyagin, chairman of “MCAEE”. For 3 years enormous work was made on stabilization and optimization of situation, that developed in a sphere of small and medium business in our country.

Also was mentioned, that Association work has international character. Vladimir Karyagin mentioned events, that were held by Association, directed to support of directors, bookkeepers of enterprises such as consultations, round tables, conferences, sessions.

In the relation of legal activity of Association was mentioned its active work in courts, where have been won 65 of 88 procedures.

However Vladimir Karyagin noted that in cooperation with government bodies not always mutual platform can be found. He also criticized the credit programs of banks for small and medium enterprises. In reporter’s opinion , Belarus has a real lack of recourses for normal development of business. In this connection was stated hope that governing bodies will finance and support businessmen undertakings. Goals of Association remain the same – to make the most comfortable conditions for work in a sphere of small and medium business.

Among the reporters: V. Margelov (the first Vice-chairman of PA “MCAEE”), G. Iliaschuk (director of “Centre 21 century”), A. Kalinin (Chairman of Belarusian association of entrepreneurs), P. Laishev (Chairman of International trading-club), A. Kalinovsky (Vice-chairman of economic committee, Chief of entrepreneurship Department of Minsk city executive committee), A. Glambotskaya (Institute of privatization and management), L. Istomina (head of UNDP program in Belarus).

In the end of assembly elections of PA “MCAEE” Council members were held as well as members of Control and revision commission of PA “MCAEE”. Resolution of assembly apropos the plans for next years of work was unanimously supported.