Competition "The best city for business"

Tomorrow will be sum up of competition “The best city for business”.

Criteria for choose of the best city for development of entrepreneurship in Belarus:

1. Number of small and medium enterprises and individual entrepreneurs per capita in city, dynamics for the period from 2007 till 2008;

2. Number of SME and IE as a share in a general employment for period from 2007 till 2008;

3. Volume of the taxes, collected from SME and IE a share in a general taxes income for city in 2008;

4. Part of SME and IE who positively estimate actions of local authorities on entrepreneurship support for the accounting period of time;

5. Part of SME and IE who think that business climate on local level for entrepreneurship for the accounting period of time has improved.

6. Number of projects of “green field”  that started in city during accounting period of time;

7. Part of SME and IE in export of city;

8. of SME and IE in investment in fixed capital;

9. Quality of legal base, accepted during accounting period of time at local level for development of entrepreneurship;

10. Quality of relations between business – associations and local authorities in sphere of entrepreneurship development (cooperation in sphere of standard base development, consultations on questions of business climate, degree of local business community involvement in a system of decisions making on entrepreneurship development);

11. The content analysis of local Mass media on entrepreneurship (expert estimation: positive and negative image of, relation with sympathy, objective relation, negative relation etc.);

12. Presence of infrastructure on entrepreneurship support that is financed from local budget or created by entrepreneurs.