Press – release in honor of the Day of revival of Belarusian entrepreneurship

reliz Press – release in honor of the Day of revival of Belarusian entrepreneurshipOn June, 11th 2009 PA “Minsk capital association of entrepreneurs and employers”, association of legal entities “Republican confederation of entrepreneurship”, press-centre of newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus” held republican-wide phone conference, devoted to the Day of revival of Belarusian entrepreneurship.

Program of press – release in honor of the Day of revival of Belarusian entrepreneurship:

1. Summarizing of competition “The best city for business”;

2. How can be increased contribution of small and medium business in internal product? Views of members of PA “MCAEE”, leaders of partner enterprises of business – associations, included in ALE RCE.

3. “Financial support of entrepreneurs”

Press – release

    Opening press – conference chairman of PA “MCAEE”, chairman of presidium of ALE RCE Vladimir Karyagin congratulated participated with the 16th anniversary from the Day of revival of Belarusian entrepreneurship, that will be on June, 15th. Traditionally in the beginning of June starts the decade of business activity  of Belarusian business that includes actions and events, devoted to this date. How on the eve of Day of revival of Belarusian entrepreneurship were summed up results of the competitions “The best city for business”.

The competition was organized and held by ALE RCE, PA “MCAEE”, regional business – associations of Brest, Vitebsk, Grodno, Mogilev, analytical centre “Strategy”, “Institute of privatization and management”.

Definition of the best cities for business was made by two nominations: big cities (with quantity of population more than 50 thousand of people) and small cities (less than 50 thousand of people). Cities that win first and second nomination, will become a place of international investment conference or another business meeting as an encouragement of local regional development.


Next cities are the winners:

Mogilev region:

- Mogilev, Krichev

Minsk region:

- Molodechno, Logoisk

Brest region:

- Stolin, Pinsk

Grodno region:

- Lida, Oshmani

Vitebsk region:

- Polotsk, Desna

Positive indicators for business development marked in cities:

- Kirovsk (Mogilev region)

- Mosti (Grodno region)

- Bobruisk (Mogilev region)   


    During press – conference problems holding down the development of Belarusian business and question of financial support of entrepreneurs were analyzed.