Decree “About perfection of control (supervisory) activity” was signed

On October, 16th President of Belarus signed the Decree “About perfection of control (supervisory) activity in Republic Belarus”. In comments to Decree that were announced in the interview of Vladimir Karyagin, chairman of “MCAEE”, to ONT and STV channels was mentioned that in the document, establishing single order of control and supervisory activity realization, based on absolutely new approaches, was used a range of offers from Belarusian National Business Platform:


- made prohibition for checks of newly registered subjects of management during 2 years from the date of their public registration (two years moratorium);

- process of checks planning will be open for subjects of management;

- during one year one subject of management can be visited by a few control bodies but only in a form of combined check;

- restricted a period of making checks

- period of checks for legal entities is no more than 30 working days, IE – 15 working days;

- unscheduled check can be appointed only by the head of republican level or one of it authorized deputy for check of violation;

- restricted raid checks. Such raids can be appointed only by separate bodies (8 bodies) and only for specific subject of management by certain questions from decree.

     Hard work of “MCAEE” and ALE RCE preceded to sign of this Decree. For many years signals about a fact that control system, as it is in Belarus, acts as a big barrier for small and medium business and disturbs development of economy in general were directed to power structures. From 2006 to such structures presented Belarusian National Business Platform entire chapter of which is dedicated to perfection of control activity. In case to attract attention to such problems, “MCAEE” and ALE RCE regularly organized “round tables” and conferences with participation of entrepreneurs all over the republic. Different representatives from ministries, departments, control and law courts have been invited to such meetings.

    Control (supervisory) activity that realized in Belarus was disturbing entrepreneurship development and improvement of business climate in republic. The main danger that made “MCAEE” and ALE RCE initiate changes in a sphere of control activity is that Belarus has an outsider’s place in attractiveness of investment climate. With decree sign appears a reason for change of such situation.