Press – conference on issues of trade, foundation of ombudsman service in Belarus

 Press – conference was held on April 17, 2013 with representatives of 10 mass media: leading information agencies “BelaPAN” (including video department), “Praim TASS”, “Interfax Zapad”, radios “Radio “Ratsia” and The First National channel of Belarusian radio, TV channels “BelSAT”, information portals:,,, newspaper “Souz predprinimatelei”. Issues at press – conference can be divided into three topical blocks: 1) entrepreneurs rights protection; 2) struggle against monopolistic tendencies in trading; 3) advocacy – about one of problems of recycling – foundation of deposit system of packing collection in Belarus. The first issue (topical block) was covered by Vladimir Karyagin who told about ombudsman service on small and medium business rights protection in Russia – new social institute of Authorized Representative on entrepreneurs’ rights protection and prospects of ombudsman in Belarus.  The second topical block was presented in report of expert from BIPART Vladimir Kovalkin on topic “Trading nets: modern service or retail monopolization?”. The reporter underlined importance of struggle against monopolism and development of competition. Foundation of deposit system of packing collection was covered by coordinator of such projects Alexei Lavretski (“Alteris”, Co.). He told about advantages of such system. At base of BCE was found initiative group that develops concept of such system implementation and makes its preliminary economic evaluation.