Assembly of business circles of Belarus

On March, 10th in Minsk was held Assembly of business circles of Belarus on topic “Entrepreneurship of Belarus – provision of growth and development”. The draft of “Belarus national business platform - 2010” was presented to participants of assembly. This Platform is the 5th in a history of Belarusian entrepreneurship. Before assembly was organized unexampled discussion of BNBP-2010 draft with participation of about 600 000 representatives of entrepreneurial community, academic circles, civil society, governing bodies. The process of preparation and discussion of draft was coordinated by working group that consisted of MCAEE, ALE “RCE”, SRC of Mises AC “Strategy”, Research center IPM experts. Representatives of Ministry of economy of Belarus actively participated in completion of draft. After discussion of BNBP – 2010 draft, participants of assembly decided to admit the draft as a basis of Platform.