Implementation of Netherlandish experience in Belarus

On March, 30th in Entrepreneurship department of Ministry of economy of Republic Belarus was held a meeting on creation of wholesale and logistic centers in Belarus according to Netherlandish experience. Chairman of PA “MCAEE”, chairman of the Supreme Coordination Council of ALE “RCE” Vladimir Karyagin informed the participants on the results of Kingdom Netherlands visit by delegation of “MCAEE” and ALE “RCE” where on 15th – 18th of March logistics seminar was organized.

Andrey Poddubsky, director of “Fabeas” transport and logistics company and member of delegation of PA “MCAEE” made report about the trip. At the meeting participated the heads of partner enterprises of PA “MCAEE”: Sergei Shachlovich (director of “Autobel”, Co.) and Ivan Gordievsky (director of “Rattam”, Co.)