On October 18 – 19, 2013 the ALE RCE presidium chairman, PA MCAEE chairman Vladimir Kariagin participated in the annual meeting of europrean entrepreneurs "EUROPEAN ENTREPRENEURS-2013" in Budapest. The meeting began with a conference for SME represenatatives, during which the results of the previous period were summed up.

During this meeting the following issues were conferred:]
1.    SMEs after crisis
2.    Innovations and international activity crisis
3.    Problems of SMEs in the period of transitional economy
4.    Access to financial sources for small and medium entrepreneurship in 2014 – 2020
5.    Other
New ideas were defined and new programs were elaborated for the ability of European entrepreneurs to begin the year 2014 with distinct strategy. In 2011, the  “Political Program” of European entrepreneurs was elaborated. Now it is necessary to tailor it to 2014 – 2020 period. In order to achieve this,  The European Commission must create new measures on the access to financial resources improvement before 2020.
Also, European entrepreneurs noted the importance of simplicity and coherency between different financing schemes. In this respect, a decision to create a platform of private and loan resources which would optimize the relationships with partners was taken.
The meeting participants spoke on the suggestions of essential improvement of ties between SMEs in terms of financing opportunities.