Small business advances to a new level

Innovation projects are the future of Belarusian small business companies. The representatives of committee of economics informed that there are more than 70 companies in the capital of The Republic of Belarus that work on 130 programs connected with newest technologies.


Entrepreneurs are planning to invest 200 billions of roubles in the development of their business. Nano-technologies are very popular: there are several companies in Minsk that produce construction and finishing materials on the basis of nanoparticles.


Innovations help small business companies to turn the tide in their favor as well as to increase the rate of production – the investments of entrepreneurs in the development of business are 138% comparing to the previous year. State enterprises demonstrate worse results.


According to Minsk city executive committee, the striving of private enterprises to implement new technologies of manufacturing clearly shows that entrepreneurs are looking forward to advance to international level and to export their products. Moreover, innovations help small business to produce a competitive product – there are around 70 projects that are focused on the programs to replace the imported commodities with domestic analogues.