A new issue of “MC”

A new issue of the “Mezhdunarodny Klub” (“International Club”) newspaper with information support of MCAEE and Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno and Mogilyov regional business associations.

The issue is started by photo materials of the II Belarusian Industrial Cooperation Conference and interview with the Conference participants. The “MK” interlocutor - The Director General of Inter-regional Centre of Industrial Subcontractation and Partnership, the President of National Partnership of Subcontractation Development ( Moscow   City ) Mr. Artiom Kiselyov states that the interaction with Subcontractation Centre of the Republic of Belarus brings concrete results. The Director of Regional Centre of Industrial Subcontractation of the Republic of Belarus Mr. Vladimir Karyagin tells about advantages of subcontractation relations. Informing about services of the Centre, the Director of Local Fund of Entrepreneurship Mutual Aid and Solidarity Mr. Sergey Shkred calls for the readers not to waste time and cooperate with the Centre.

The next topic of the issue - Protection of rights and presentation of interests of entrepreneurs. Here are the quotations of the 9th Republican audio conference of heads of Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno and Mogilyov regional business associations that are the headlines of the materials published in the topical pages: 
Mr. Vitaly Braginets, director of PA “Braginets and partners”: “Entrepreneurs, use individual and collective form of protection”.

Mr. Sergey Azemsha, the head of Corruption and Organised Crime Legislation Control Department of the Office of the Public Prosecutor of the Republic of Belarus: “While being impelled to give a bribe do not let the situation develop as it might – apply to qualified assistance”. 

Mr. Valery Fadeev – Honoured Lawyer of the Republic of Belarus, International Finance Corporation advisor: “Unfortunately, nowadays only 10 per cent of Belarusian entrepreneurs join business associations – this circumstance is an obstacle to secure the maximum effectively protection of rights and presentation of interests of entrepreneurs”.

Mr. Frants Mamul`, the Chairman of the Board of Grodno PA “Entrepreneurs Club”: “After consolidation we will secure effective work in the sphere of protection of entrepreneurial rights”.

Ms. Tatyana Kozlovskaya, the CEO of Public Association of Mogilyov Region Entrepreneurs: “There are lots of facts of real assistance which we provided and continue to provide to the members of our association”.

Mr. Stanislav Lyahovsky, the CEO of PA “Association of Employers and Entrepreneurs”, Vitebsk: “Highly qualified lawyers are members of our association”.

Ms. Inna Kustova, the CEO of Public Association of Private Business Assistance “Unity”: “While protecting the rights of our members we act strongly and in an organized way”.

Ms. Nina Karpinchik, the CEO of PA “Association of Brest Region Entrepreneurs”: “We protect the rights of entrepreneurs openly”.

The Legal Department Head of MCAEE, lawyer Mr. Vadim Borodulya tells about the activity of the Legal Department of MCAEE in the sphere of protection of rights and presentation of interests of entrepreneurs in the interview to the journalist Mr. Valery Grusinov. The publication is titled “Who ordered to kill “Burevestnik?”

Photo report “Working for public is first of all” tells the “MK” readers about the international organization “Rotary”, about the activity of Minsk Rotary Club and Rotary movement in the Republic of Belarus.

Economist, staff member of Research Centre of IPM Ms. Elena Rakova analyses in her article the question about the necessity of assistance to the Belarusian  state enterprises from the state itself. Economist, the head of Scientific and Research Mizes Centre Mr. Yaroslav Romanchuk analyses the role of the EBRD in the development of Belarusian economy in his article “EBRD on the countercourse”.

From the photo report of a new sitting of Capital Business Club of Directors the readers of “MK” will find out which topics founders and heads of MCAEE partnership enterprises discussed during the meeting devoted to the Entrepreneurship Resurrection Day.