Optimization of the Taxation System

During the sitting of the Budget, Finance and Taxation Policy Permanent Commission of the Chamber of Representatives the main parameters of the Budget of the Republic of Belarus in 2007 were discussed.

According to the press service of the Chamber of Representatives with reference of the Deputy Minister of Finance Mr. Anatoly Sverge, one of the priority tasks will be simplification of the taxation system at the expense of reduce of the number of taxes and dues (fees), optimization of their accountancy and payment.  Thus, it is planned to abolish the emergency tax (3% of the salary), payment to the state employment fund (1% of the salary), and to place local taxes and dues in order. In addition it is planned to reduce the tax burden to the salary fund to 4%. With the aim to compensate the budget incomes because of the aim dues abolishment, it is planned to increase the income tax rate from 24% to 26%.