Invitation for Press Conference

Today, on August 31 a Press Conference will take place in the office of MCAEE.
1. «Statement of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus  № 1029  11.08.06 «Organizational Measures How to Reach the Forecast Parameters of Developnemt of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship in 2006-2010» - «National Business Agenda of Belarus». The Points of Coincidence». MCAEE Chairman Mr. Vladimir Karyagin.

2. «International Programs of PA MCAEE – instrument for development of business of partnership enterprises», «Economic Forum in Krynitsa – traditions and innovations». Director of Entrepreneurship Supporting Centre «Centre ХХI century» Ms. Galina Ilyashchuk.

3. On experience of participation of heads of partnership enterprises of PA MCAEE in Economic Forum in Krynitsa. CEO of International Public Association “Economic Studies and Education” Ms. Irina Matsokina.

Starting at 12.00 Address: 104-11 Serafimovich str. Minsk
Phone. 298-24-52, cell.159-40-47