«Agenda» - on the XVI Economic Forum in Krynica

The participants the XVI Economic Forum in the Pole town Krynica were introduced to the National Business Agenda of Belarus. While introducing the Agenda to entrepreneurs, owners and heads of business structures from different countries of the world, international journalists and other participants and guests of the “East European Davos” and telling in details about its essence and contents the President of the Association Mr. Vladimir Karyagin underlined that the authors of the document is Belarusian entrepreneurial community in general.  

The presenters called the names of the organizations that took part in preparation and development of the Agenda, and also those that acted as consultants: IPM Research Centre, Mizes Scientific and Research Centre of AC “Strategy”, IFC Representative Office in Belarus, Axiometric Reseach Laboratory “Novak”, PA MCAEE, Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno, Mogilyov regional business associations, entrepreneurs from Bobruysk, Zhlobin, Borisov and other Belarusin towns. 


In the process of acquaintance with the Agenda the participants of the Economic Forum noted that all the specific problems that put obstacles in the way of building the bridges between business and authority, development of private business in the country, making the investment image of Belarus better and the ways of its settling are reflected in all sections of the Agenda.