National Phone Conference

On September, 12 the National Phone Conference took place with participation of heads of Pa MCAEE, Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel and Mogilyov regional business associations, Bobruysk and Vitebsk Entrepreneurship Support Centres.

The conference participants analysed the results of the activity of the Editorial Committee of the National Business Agenda of Belarus headed by the leaders of the six Committees – the number of the Committees corresponds to the numbers of the sections in the Agenda.  It was noted that a wide range of statements of the Agenda reflected in the resolution of the Council of Ministers  11.08.06 № 1029 «Organisational measures to reach the forecast indicators of development of small and medium entrepreneurship 2006-2010».


As the first Vice-President of MCAEE, director of “Tridakta|’ enterprise Mr. Victor Margelov the contents of the Agenda will not be changed – it will be presented to participants of the conference that will take place on September, 28 in International Educational Centre  and will be devoted to the problems and perspectives of development of entrepreneurship in Belarus up to 2010. Although the implementation of the Agenda is quite a different thing. It is necessary to send offers how to implement the Agenda to the Editorial Council. The President of MCAEE Mr. Vladimir Karyagin underlined that in the future the influence of the Agenda on the entrepreneurial climate of the country, the implementation of its sections will be analysed by representatives of entrepreneurial public associations and business associations strictly on a regular basis. The analysis of the result will be made every half a year on conferences of business community.


The participants of the first national phone conference informed their colleagues about the results of their activity in summer time and about the plans of activity in the near future.