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On September, 28 the sitting of Capital Business Club of Directors titled “Development of Business Network of Members of Business Associations” took place. While opening the sitting, MCAEE President Mr. Vladimir Karyagin informed that on that day, during the national entrepreneurial conference “On Perspectives and Conditions of Entrepreneurship Development till 2010” a decision to create the National Confederation of Entrepreneurship was made. The organization will be registered till the end of the current year. It will join fifteen entrepreneurial and business associations of the republic. The day before we found out that the UN made a decision to join MCAEE, Business association in the name of prof M.C. Kunyavsky and six Belarusian enterprises to the Global Impact initiative.



MCAEE President introduces the honorary guest from the Netherlands – Marketing University Programm director Mr. Yakko Stolker – to the sitting participants. Yakko Stolker confessed that before acquaintance with the director of CSBT “SATIO” Ms. Zhanna Grinyuk this summer in Moscow he thought that there is no such notion as Belarusian business. However after a   meeting the well-known business woman who headed the Organisational Committee of “the Brand of the Year” competition he understood that he was mistaken so much. There is business in Belarus and its best representatives are present in this hall.


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After introduction of all the participants of the sitting the Vice-President of MCAEE Ms. Lilia Koval announced the memory minute in honour of Mr. Evgeny Gurin – the head of partnership enterprise JSC “Tridakta”, the Vice-President of MCAEE.


Minsk Capital Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers membership certificates were awarded to individual entrepreneur Mr. Igor Molchan – he initiated to create Creditors Club within MCAEE, and the director of “Ivada-Pack” enterprise Mr. Valery Bychenya.
The staff members of JSC “Business-Most” (“Business-Bridge”) presented its new wear collection for business women. Loud applauses witnessed that the spectators appreciated the models. One of the costume was sold during the presentation. The wear presentation was headed by the new member of MCAEE, the editor of “Svobodny vecher” (“Free Evening Time”) newspaper and “Semeyny business” (“Family Business”) journal Ms. Larisa Lastochkina. Especially for business women who are visiting our site we give office telephone of the firm: 227 -42 -79, 672-30-72, 707- 20 -04.


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Information from MCAEE partnership enterprise JSC “Lunny Amulet” (“Moon Amulet”): Humor Club “Cabachok 13 kresel” (“Small Restaurant 13 Chairs”). If you want to spend your free time merrily and usefully, come to the cafй. Location 3 Azgur str. Minsk “40 Let Pobedy Hotel”.