Ukrainian-Belarusian Business Forum

100_0842 Ukrainian-Belarusian Business Forum


Belarusian delegation returned from Kiev where Ukrainian-Belarusian Business Forum took place.  Minsk Capital Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers was represented by the President Mr. Vladimir Karyagin, General Director of “Vneshnyaya Torgovlya” (“Foreign Trade”) Publishing House Mr. Dmitry Lupach, Deputy Director of Local Fund of Mutual Aid and Solidarity Mr. Eduard Polutorov.

Business Forum was held in Kreshchatic str., in the conference hall of 34 Building. The meeting was opened by Vice-President of Ukrainian Association of Industrials and Entrepreneurs Mr. Alexandr Shnipko. The reports by the director of the Institute of the National Academy of Science Mr. Petr Nikitenko – “Development of Entrepreneurship in Belarus” and by the President of MCAEE Mr. Vladimir Karyagin – “Possibilities and Perspectives of Development of Cooperation between Enterprises of Ukraine and Belarus” were presented during the meeting.

100_0855 Ukrainian-Belarusian Business Forum


100_0860 Ukrainian-Belarusian Business Forum


As the head of capital association of Belarusian entrepreneurs Mr. Vladimir Karyagin noted, the participants of the business forum showed great interest to information about the activity of MCAEE in the sphere of subcontractation – consumer cooperation. It is explained by the fact that Ukrainian entrepreneurs are actively developing subcontracting activity. While answering the questions of the business forum participants Mr. Karyagin told about experience of Regional Centre of Industrial Subcontractation and also shared his point of view regarding perspectives of Belarusian-Ukrainian relations.