What to chose – leasing or crediting?

Very often enterprises while choosing between leasing and crediting take the sum of leasing payments as the basis and compare it to the sum of a credit and %. In fact they do not take into account reduction of tax payments which occurs while using leasing schemes.

Favourable taxation of leasing is one of its main advantages and leads to reduction of real costs for servicing a leasing bargain.  It is reduction of profit tax, property tax and taking VAT into account in portions according the size of payments.
One more argument in favour of leasing – is accelerated amortization of leasing object and thus the taxation base becomes lower.

Thus if we take just the sum of payment as the comparison criteria not taking into consideration the tax advantages that occur by using this or that scheme of financing and also possible additional  costs, the comparison will be incorrect. 

Besides, people do not often take into account that leasing does not require any additional deposit because the leasing object itself is a deposit. 

And if we think about time? A one-two months term for an official registration of a credit amounted EUR 20-50.000 is considered quite normal. And a bank or leasing company client in fact is not sure till the last moment that the agreement would be concluded after checking his/her finance activity. However while using “Parex Leasing” ACCELERATION Program, a decision on the leasing application will be taken in two hours and no more!
The conclusion is clear – leasing significantly reduces costs for purchasing a new car or equipment. And the “Parex Leasing” ACCELERATION Program allows to safe your time also!

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