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A set of publications in “Prodovol`stvenny rynok” (“Food Market”) newspaper

Some issues of our information partner - “Prodovol`stvenny rynok” (“Food Market”) newspaper contains a set of materials titled: “How to make business go bankrupt”. The reason for the publication is the situation in JSC “Al`aktiv”. 

The enterprise that has been producing batter issues under the well-known trademark “Zolotistoe” (“Gold batter”) was not lucky to build its own plant to produce combined issues to the end due to dirrerent circumstances.  The main creditor – “Belarusian People Bank” – assisted in appointing the temporary manager, Mr. Alexandr Kanash.  However, according to “Al`aktiv” staff members, this manager has only made worse.

“Prodovol`stvenny rynok” (“Food Market”) newspaper goes from the particular to the general in its pubkicatuions and views the problem: why  the majority of Belarusian enterprises die in difficult situations despite the help from all levels.