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MCAEE – Association “Cooperation and Development Italy – Belarus”

On November, 27 a conference organized by Association “Cooperation and Development Italy – Belarus” together with Minsk Capital Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers and Minsk Branch of BelCCI took place in the Embassy of Italy in Minsk. The organizers titled the Conference “Today we are together to prepare “Tomorrow” for our enterprises”.

For the first time we posted information about aims and tasks of the Italian Association in August – the time when representatives of this organization visited our office – MCAEE. At the same time the President of the Association and the President of MCAEE Mr. Vladimir Karyagin outlined specific ways of cooperation between entrepreneurs of Rome and Minsk.

The meeting in the Embassy of Italy in Belarus devoted to the topic: ”Preparation of a Draft Project to Create the Belarusian-Italian Commerce Chamber in Belarus” was opened by the Ambassador of Italy in the Republic of Belarus” Mr. Gulielmo Ardizzone. He noted in his welcome speech the exclusive importance of strengthening of business communication between our countries.

Mr. Claudio Catania, the President of the Association, said about the history of creation of the Association – since this January.

The staff member of the Ministry of International Trade of Italy, lawyer Rafaelle Fantetti said in details about the topic “Italian Money for support of exchanges on this territory”.

The Vice-President of MCAEE Ms. Lilia Koval said about the role of MCAEE in business activity of Belarus and the influence of the Association of Capital Entrepreneurs on the business climate in the republic.

One of the initiator of strengthening of relations between Belarusian and Italian entrepreneurs is the founder of one of partnership enterprises of MCAEE – “Telemix” – Ms. Irina Soborova. She said in her report that the enterprises of which she is the founder and owner, have joined the Association “Cooperation and Development Italy-Belarus” and called the attendees to follow her. Ms. Soborova reasoned her offer that during trips to Italy and meetings with representatives of business circles of this country she understood that cooperation with them has wide mutually beneficial perspectives.

Deputy General Director of Minsk Branch of BelCCI Ms. Vera Sirachyova said about activity of this organization.

The lawyer Andrey Vanin presented his report titled: “Laws and Normative Standings”.

Manager of SMEs, Commerce and Handicraft Industry of Lazio Mr. Francesco De Andgelis titled his report “To Get Acquainted in Order to Grow Together”  Lazio with Rome as its centre and population almost 6 mln. people. Industry and Agriculture, Science and Culture have reached a high level of development. The region is opened for cooperation with Belarusian entrepreneurs, its representatives are ready to assist in implementation of perspective business ideas and offers. Mr. Francesco De Angelis finished his report by the call “Let`s go from words to business” and added applying to Belarusian entrepreneurs: “I am waiting for you in Rome!”

The Deputy of the Chamber of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus Mr. Anatoly Krasutsky thanked the Italian representatives for the initiative in establishing and developing business relations between our countries. Mr. Anatoly Krasutsky noted that Belarus is interested in attracting Italian investments and Belarusian MPs evaluate the significance of the given initiative in full and are ready to assist in its development.

Summing up, the Vice-President of the Association “Cooperation and Development Italy – Belarus” Mr. Renzo Carella said: “Six months ago we gathered Rome entrepreneurs to explain them possibilities of membership in our organization. The Romans understood us and replied to our offer for active communication. Today we are making such offer to Minsk entrepreneurs and are sure that they will also understand in full all profits and advantages of Belarusian-Italian cooperation”.

The visitors of our portal who are interested in establishment of business relations with the Association “Cooperation and Development Italy – Belarus” can call 298-24-50 to get the detailed information and assistance in joining the Association.