General Assembly

General Assembly is the Supreme Body of the Association which is summoned by the Association Council as required, but not rarely than once in three years.
The General Assembly be summoned by a decision of President, Control Auditing Commission or at the request of a tierce of the Association members.
The calling of a meeting and the agenda of the General Assembly is announced not later than 10 days before the meeting.

The General Assembly is exclusively competitive in:
•    discussion and adoption of the Statute of the Association, making alternations and add-ins
•    determination of main trends, forms and methods of activity of the Association
•    election of President, members of Council and Control Auditing Commission by a voting by show or a secret vote
•    hearing and making decision on Council, President and Control Auditing Commission reports
•    making decision about cessation of the Association activity
•    settling another issues that arise from the Statute 

The General Assembly is considered as legal if more than half of the total number of the Association members is present. The decisions of the General Assembly are reached by a simply majority vote. Authorised representatives may replace the Delegates of the General Assembly and members of Council having a letter of attorney.