About the Association

‘Minsk Capital Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers’ (MCAEE) is one of the largest, influential and active associations of Belarusian entrepreneurs.
Public Association ‘Minsk Capital Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers’ is а non-governmental non-profit organization established in 1997. Through its existence the Association has become a well-known, competent and influential structure not only of Belarus but also abroad.

The activity of the Association is aimed to create and develop the best conditions for establishing, functioning and developing of enterprises and for possessing of them in Belarus. The aim of the Association is to establish a favorable business network where enterprises and entrepreneurs could develop and strengthen their activities in various forms.
MCAEE is an active member of Belarusian Confederation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (Employers), Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Consultative and Coordinate Meeting of Business Societies as well as European Confederation of Associations of Small and Medium Enterprises (French abbreviation CEA-PME), Club of the WTC Poznan Bureau). It cooperates with state governing bodies, UNDP missions, the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, the Interregional Center of Industrial Subcontracting and Partnership (Moscow), and other advanced organizations. The Association members are also members of Council of Entrepreneurship Development in the Republic of Belarus, of the National Council on Labor and Social Issues, Presidium of the Republican Labor Arbitrage, and other expert and consultative bodies.
Nowadays the Association unites founders, heads and leading specialists of small, medium and big business structures. In its framework, Belarusian, joint and foreign ventures and enterprises from 26 countries effectively cooperate. Its information network includes more than 7000 partners.
The Association considers joining of every new member and partnership enterprise as a valuable contribution into its competence and effectiveness of its work. In their turn, new members of the Association and its partners get additional resources of competitiveness, stream of ideas and ways of settling problems.
The Association was registered by Justice Department of the Minsk City Executive Committee on August 1, 1997, re-registered July 14, 1999, and August 5, 2003.
Registration Certificate: № 05/0032.
Complete name: Public Association ‘Minsk Capital Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers’.
Short name: PA ‘MCAEE’.

Executive Board
Vladimir Karyagin — President
Lilia Koval — Vice President
Anatoly Goldberg — Finance Director, Capital Business Club of Accountants Chairman
Vadim Borodulya — Legal Department Head


Our Association considers joining of every new member and enterprise-partner as strengthening of its competence and capability. In their turn, new members of the Association and partnership enterprises receive additional resource of competitiveness, flow of new ideas and ways of solving problems.

To be a member of the Minsk Capital Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers is


- Promotion of your production and services – creation of an enterprise page in the Catalogue of Partnership Enterprises on the site of the Association www.allminsk.biz
- presentation in the Informational Bulletin of the Association ‘Business Herald’
- sending of your business offers to the Association members and partners
- placing of trade offers in the WTC net (global trade centers) and other databases
- presentation of business offers and information materials of partnership enterprises on our information stand at international exhibitions in Poznan, Moscow, Minsk
- written recommendation and support of reputation of an enterprise participating in exhibitions and contests

Consultations in all aspects of economic activity: legal questions, economy of an enterprise, business planning, audition, accounts, debts return, research of reliability of partners, documentation, business psychology, business ethic, advertisement, PR, etc.

Inclusion of directors, accountants and the staff of enterprises-partners into the system of regular seminars and informational days dedicated to economic problems (taxation, accounting, pricing, foreign activities etc), legal questions, custom regulation, certification, standardization, business planning, marketing, informational technologies of business.

Discount system
You can join the system of mutual discounts for the Association members, use services or buy production of enterprises-partners of the Association with a discount.



A reliable partner is a basement for successful business. Our Association accepts people with positive business reputation, and this has been checked through the years: a lot of members of our Association have become not only friends but business partners as well.

A critical or difficult situation. When you face critical or problem situations in your business life, we will provide you many kinds of support: professional consultations, requests and petitions on behalf of the Association to related state structures, representation and advocacy of your interests in controlling bodies and courts.

Finance support and mutual assistance. Our Association supports development of banking and finance systems of Belarus, cooperates with banks and financial organizations, and organizes international banking conferences. The Association members have established, for the first time in our republic, the Society of Mutual Crediting to Small Enterprises ‘Stolny’ and the Credit Union of Citizens ‘The Capital Club of Mutual Support’. You can be a member and a client of these organizations!


Informational support. Regularly and in time, you will receive detailed calendars and perspective plans of activities of the Association and organizations-partners, operative information on received business projects and offers, drafts of legislative acts and normative documents sent to the Association for expertise, etc.
Capital Business Club. Such structures as Capital Business Club of Directors, Capital Business Club of Accountants, International Trading Club, Press Club of Businesswomen, have been established under our Association. This is a system of business and informal meetings allowing you to find out what is going on in our country and abroad, and how it could influence your business, the opinion of state officials and independent experts, and to establish new relations and business partnership.
International programs. They provide a real chance to find business partners, new business ideas, standards and technologies, as well as to exchange business experience.
The Association organises contact and cooperative stock markets, visits to international exhibitions and workshops, business missions’ trips abroad (annually from 15 to 25), meetings with foreign business delegations in Belarus. Our aims are to support export of production and services provided by the Association members, to support investors and joint ventures, to develop economic integration and to participate in international division of labour.        



Cooperation with state governing bodies. The Association has organized the work of 17 profile councils which analyze condition of various spheres of production and service and work out mechanisms to settle different problems sending offers regularly to state structures. We participate in expertise of drafts of normative documents, in negotiations and meetings on improvement of the system of economic regulation; organize round tables on actual questions. Join us – and your voice will be heard!      
Support to development of new directions in business. Our Association initiates and actively participates in implementation of new processes and directions in business, such as industrial subcontracting and partnership, franchising, project financing, corporative governing, etc.
 Social responsibility of business. We will be able to participate in a number of socially oriented and charity programs realized by the Association. It will positively reflect on the image of your company and assist change in attitude of the society towards private business.   

To become a member of the Minsk Capital Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers, you should:
-    be head, founder, leading specialist, individual entrepreneur or craftsman, have long-term interests in business and intention to develop your own business. A citizen of any country who supports economic development of Belarus can be a member of the Association;
-    share principles of business ethic;
-    sign the Agreement of Partnership.

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