Karyagin Vladimir Nikolayevich, Biography

karyagin Karyagin Vladimir Nikolayevich, BiographyKaryagin Vladimir Nikolayevich was born on April 20, 1952. High education in the field of philosophy, economy, business managing and financing.
When a student and educator Vladimir Karyagin was renowned as the organizer of the constructing crew movement, foreman of the most proficient constructing crews in Byelorussia and the USSR, founding constructor of BAM (Baikal-Amur Magistral Railway), power stations and energetic worksites of Siberia and Yakutia (1972-1988).

karyagin Karyagin Vladimir Nikolayevich, BiographySince 1978 till 1998 - Mr. Karyagin had teaching practice at Byelorussian State University and Republican Inter-branch Institute for Improvement of Professional Skills of the Executives and Experts in Branches of National Economy, founder, rector, and professor of the Private Academy of Parliamentarism and Entrepreneurship (at present is declared the Honorable Rector of the Academy).


Since 1993 Vladimir Karyagin is a member of International Academy of Organizational and Administrative Sciences and International Academy of Information Processes and Technologies.


Since 1989 till 1999 Mr. Karyagin was a people's deputy, member of the Presidium, chairman of the established Deputy Commission on economic development and budget, vice-president of the Minsk City Deputy Council.


Since 1985 Vladimir Karyagin has been engaged in the development of private sector of economy and management on research, legislative, organizational and professional levels.


Since 1988 has been heading public associations of the entrepreneurs and employers on local, republican and international levels.
Due to his incentive were created unions of cooperating manufacturers of Soviet Byelorussia and the USSR, Association of the Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Belarus, Byelorussian Consumer Society, Byelorussian Association of Tax Payers, Byelorussian Confederation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Byelorussian Fund for Financial Support of the Entrepreneurs, 22 centers of support for businessmen; a number of newspapers and magazines were founded and headed by Mr. Karyagin at the stage of their initial development.


Nowadays Mr. Karyagin`s posts are:- Chairman of Minsk Capital Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers;
- Member of Minsk ROTARY Club; Capital Business Club, International Club of  Directors,  International Trading Club
- Member of Presidium, Chairman of  Entrepreneurship Committee of Public Association «Belarusian Scientific and Industrial Association»
- Member of National Council for Labor and Social Affairs;
- Deputy Chairman of Byelorussian Confederation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (BCIE);
- Member of the Presidium of Republican Labor Arbitration;
- Member of the Presidium of European Confederation of Associations for Small and Medium-sized enterprises (CEA-PME) (Bruxelles);
- Co-chairman of Russian Public Association  «“Increasing relations with the Republic of Belarus» (Moscow)
- Member of Editorial Board of «Delo», «Export&Import» journals