Capital club of directors session

On February, 6th in hotel "Planet" restaurant ceramic hall the next session of Capital Business Club of directors has taken place. A theme: "Economy of Belarus in 2009". The head of Department on business of Ministry of Economics RB Evgenie Semyonov has informed on preparing statutory acts in sphere of business participants of session.
With the report on a theme "Adaptation to structural crisis. West lessons. Experience of Belarus" has acted The head of research centre Mizesa Yaroslav Romanchuk. Leonid Zaiko, director of AC "Strategy" , adviser UNDP Leonid Zlotnikov have told About possibilities and prospects of the Belarus economy in the conditions of financial and economic crisis. The point of view about possible changes of a social situation in the country was stated by political scientist Valery Karbalevich. Members of council have told about results of the first session of Socially-consultative council at President Administration: chairman of PA "MCAEE", chairman of RCE Vladimir Karjagin, the ex-chairman of National bank of RB Stanislav Bogdankevich, economist Leonid Zaiko. First vice-chairman of PA "MCAEE", chairman of RCE Victor Margelov has told about tactics and strategy of enterprise community in the conditions of economy liberalisation. Then has taken place a discussion in which participants of a meeting and members of Club have stated the opinion concerning a discussed theme. During a meeting of Capital Club of directors delivery of diplomas and certificates to members of the Union has taken place.