Business club on topic: “Results of advancement of Platform”

31.07.2009 Partner of CIPE PA “MCAEE” held business club on topic: “Results of advancement of Platform” in context of overcoming of consequences of world economic crisis and development of small entrepreneurship in rural area. Session of club was held in village Komarovo between Minsk and Grodno regions of Belarus, participated 39 persons from heads and founders of enterprises of Minsk and Grodno region, regional centers.
     Club was held on the area of Center of support and development of rural entrepreneurship, that was created by former deputy of Belarusian parliament of 13 gathering Voitehovich, who reported at Club session with a report on problems of development of small rural entrepreneurship in Belarus. In Club session participated and made report deputy of department chairman of entrepreneurship of Minsk regional executive committee A. Fabrisenko. In Karyagin’s report to gathered was told about new, edition of year 2009 Platform, about advancement of its ideas in Minsk region told first vice – chairman of Association in Minsk region V. Sivuho. Report of vice-chairman of Association I. Gordievsky was devoted to results of realization of Platform ideas in sphere of creation of credit unions and role of these organizations in development of entrepreneurship, also in rural areas of Belarus. Participants of session positively estimated Platform, approved work on advancement and realization of its ideas. Simultaneously during discussion were expressed opinions of necessity of systematic approach to realization of Platform ideas and strengthening of attention to advancement of its ideas in sphere of entrepreneurship development at local level, in rural area. In discussion and questions, that were directed to A. Fabrisenko, participants of session expressed concern by state of rent relations in country and monopolism of regional consumer cooperation. Participants of Club session got texts of Platform and materials on its ideas advancement, last number of newspaper “Association of entrepreneurs”, leaflets and lampoons.