International Trading Club

International trading club was created on May, 18th 2005 at Public Association “Minsk capital association of entrepreneurs and employers”.


Aim of Club creation – help for development of neighbourly relations and mutually profitable international economic cooperation, strengthening of mutual understanding and consolidation at the professional interests basis:

- Heads and members of trade and economic departments and offices of foreign diplomatic representations that accredited at Republic Belarus;

- Managing employees of state Ministries and departments of Republic Belarus of economic profile;

- Representatives of Belarusian business circles, foreign entrepreneurs, who work in Republic Belarus.

ITC Board of directors:

Wieslaw Pokladek, Poland embassy advisor, head of trade and investment support department  – Chairman of ITC Board on directors

Peter Laishev, head of trade and economic mission of Ukraine embassy - Chairman of ITC Board on directors

Liliya Koval, Vice – chairman of PA “MCAEE” – secretary of ITC Board on directors

Members of ITC Board of directors:

1. Ferents Bereni, counsellor on foreign economic affairs of Hungary Republic embassy

2. Vladimir Karyagin, Chairman of PA “MCAEE”

3. Edvinas Kaminskas, attaché on commercial affairs of Lithuania Republic embassy

4. Liliya Koval, Vice– chairman of PA “MCAEE”

5. Konstantin Marchuk, the first secretary of Ukraine embassy

6. Andrea Matskova, the second secretary of Slovak Republic embassy

7. Nikolov Ganev, the first secretary, head of trade and economic department Republic Bulgaria embassy

8. Mikhail Primov, trade representative deputy of Russian Federation Trade representation

9. Veclav  Pokladek, counsellor, head of trade and investment cooperation department of Republic Poland embassy

10. Oliver Shvart, attaché on economic affairs of German embassy